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Birth in a Pandemic

Michelle shares her experience providing midwifery care in a pandemic and Danielle's birth story, which was impacted by COVID19.

Suzanne's VERY First Birth Story

Suzanne recalls unexpectedly witnessing her very first birth - changing the trajectory of her career and put her on the path to midwifery!

Happy AND Healthy....Outcomes matter!

"Healthy mom, healthy baby"...That's all that matters, right? Let's strive for "Happy AND Healthy" by paying attention to outcomes!

Birth Stories...Coming soon!

Check back soon! #midwifemamas #midwivesmakeadifference #babies #birth #pregnancy #withwomenwellness

We Started a Blog!

One of our favorite parts of being midwives is the camaraderie we share with other women. We enjoy being “with women,” not just being there for their birth or helping them with birth control or pap smears. It’s that sharing of life while providing care - mommy stories, family experiences, work/home balance, love and loss, LIFE! We get to welcome new life all the time, which is an amazing and beautiful privilege every. single. time. But seeing women grow and change over th

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